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The Best Portable Launch Monitor on the Market Just Got Better.
Swing Caddie’s SC200 portable launch monitor was a game-changer for my students. With this cutting-edge technology, the players who came to my lesson tee started striking farther, playing smarter, and shaving stroke after stroke off their scorecard.
Now, the launch monitor I thought couldn’t be surpassed has just surpassed itself.
Introducing the all-new SC300 portable launch monitor from Swing Caddie
Hi, I’m Todd Kolb, Director of Instruction for USGolfTV and Sanford POWER Golf Academy.

As a PGA Teaching Professional, I’ve seen first-hand how a little knowledge can go a long way toward transforming a shaky golfer into a confident ball striker.

Before Swing Caddie released the SC200, my students had to go through me to learn their swing stats. Sure, they had access to the industry standard launch monitor at our practice facility. But that’s a bulky, expensive unit. They couldn’t bring it home. They couldn’t take it along for a round of golf. They definitely couldn’t slip it into their carry-on for a trip out of town.

Then, Swing Caddie changed everything.

Swing Caddie unveiled a launch monitor that was affordable to even the most casual golfers. Not only that—its wireless, lightweight design made it easy to take anywhere.

Thanks to Swing Caddie, my students had the constant ability to evaluate their swing, pinpoint their weaknesses, and make massive improvements, even when I wasn’t around. And believe me, every time they came back to my practice tee, I could see the results.

Now, the portable launch monitor that has completely rehabilitated the swings of thousands of golfers (not to mention, rehabilitated their confidence!) is even more versatile and insightful than ever.
Uncover the same quality insights available to Tour players . . . without paying Tour player prices.
If golf isn’t your livelihood, It doesn’t make much sense to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for the industry standard launch monitor.
But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve access to insights that could drastically improve your swing.

The all-new Swing Caddie SC300 offers instant statistical feedback at a fraction of the cost. This means even as a weekend warrior, you can afford to:
  •  Learn your true Carry Distance.
  •  Finally pinpoint the weakest part of your swing by comparing your Swing Speed, Ball Speed, and Smash Factor side-by-side. 
  •  Accurately visualize the trajectory and distance of your ball flight, even while swinging into a net in your garage. 
  •  Discover patterns in your practice and improvement by reviewing stored date for the last 100 shots. 
  •  And more! 
Even more impressive, Swing Caddie sells this launch monitor at an affordable price without sacrificing accuracy.
The SC300 uses Barometric Pressure Calibration and Doppler Radar Technology to guarantee a level of accuracy rivaling that of the industry standard launch monitor.

When my students use the Swing Caddie SC300 to practice at home, they get essentially the same quality data they’d find using the launch monitor at our practice facility. And now, with the SC300, you can access more information than ever before!
Get your hands on brand new swing data with the Swing Caddie SC300!
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If you were already a fan of the Swing Caddie SC200, prepare to love the SC300.
This all-new model includes the same features and state-of-the-art technology that made the SC200 an instant bestseller. But now, this new model includes brand new insights to kick your game up to the next level.

With the SC300, you’ll finally know:
  • Launch Angle: Are your shots consistently falling short despite high clubhead speeds and a consistently solid smash factor? Find out if you’re popping the ball too high with the SC300’s new Launch Angle data.
  • Apex: Learn exactly how high your ball flies on average so you can navigate hazards like a pro and manage each course more strategically.
The SC300 even comes with a sleek, new design that travels easy and looks great with the rest of your gear.
Assess your own swing any time, anywhere.
Thanks to the lightweight, wireless design of the SC300, you can measure everything from swing speed to carry distance anywhere you are, including:
  •  On the driving range
  •  During a regular round of golf 
  •  While swinging into a net at home 
  •  Practicing in the backyard 
  •  Literally everywhere! 

The Swing Caddie SC300 is also low-maintenance and incredibly easy to use. You simply turn it on, select the correct settings for your club and loft angle, then place the unit on the ground behind you. The launch monitor automatically provides data feedback after every shot—no need to reset between swings!
The SC300 even comes with a convenient remote that fits in your pocket.

PLUS, purchase of the SC300 portable launch monitor includes access to all features of the Swing Caddie app. Use the app to store data, analyze statistics, uncover bonus information and more!

So, what do you do with all this information once you have it? Swing Caddie has thought of that, too...
Customize your practice time and see your golf game take off with Swing Caddie’s mode options!
Of course, knowing your stats means nothing without a strategy for turning that knowledge into improvement. That’s why the SC300 includes a variety of mode options for a practice plan tailored to your needs.

As a golf instructor, I love that my students can use the SC300 to challenge themselves at home. I see the payoff every day at my practice tee as golfers return again and again with consistently faster swing speeds and cleaner contact.

The SC300’s mode options allow you to:
  • Discover a comprehensive view of your entire swing with Practice Mode.
  •  Challenge yourself to reach your target distance with Target Mode. 
  •  Beat your own record in adaptability and distance control through Approach Mode. 
With the SC300, you can turn cold, hard data into a better golf game.

From the affordable price to cutting edge technology to user-friendly design, Swing Caddie has done everything imaginable to make Tour-grade insight accessible to you.

But if you’re still hesitant . . .
Risk absolutely nothing with Swing Caddie’s 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Swing Caddie is absolutely certain you’ll love your SC300 . . . and they should be!

Your purchase of the Swing Caddie SC300 comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your new SC300 portable launch monitor, you can return it for a refund, no questions asked.

I’ll tell you this, though: You won’t want to return it.

You’ll finally be able to pinpoint your real weaknesses so you can better strategize practice time and stop wasting time on drills that aren’t helping.

You’ll have the validation of seeing real, undeniable progress in your stored statistics.

You’ll swing smarter, make cleaner contact, and feel the deep satisfaction of a powerful strike.

From amateurs to professionals, not one of my students has been disappointed with the SC300 portable launch monitor.

You won’t be, either. I promise.
Grab Your Swing Caddie SC300 
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